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Spinningcykel S800i

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Spin Bike inSPORTline inCondi S800i

Are you looking for a fully electronicprofessional spin bikewith a lot of features?Then theSpin Bike inSPORTline inCondi S800iis the clear choice.This machine is equipped even for the most challenging workout.Theheavy flywheel(20kg)is placed in the rear, making the machine perfectly balanced and stable. Themagnetic braking systemallows for quiet running and smooth changing of resistance levels.The seat and the handles can beadjusted bothvertically and horizontally, allowing you to adjust the machine to your height.Last but not least, the handles are padded with soft foam.

Just like all theinCondimachines, theS800ican be synced with the app on your phone, giving you access tointerval training programsorvirtual routesin Google maps. The app also allows you to save your training data and analyze your progress. On the screen you can switch betweendifferent training programs.

Stable Base with High Weight Limit

Aflywheelis an integral part of every spin bike. TheSpin Bike inSPORTlineinCondi S800i‘s flywheel is placed in the rear, making it perfectly balanced and allowing for a more authentic cycling experience. The flywheelweighs 20kg, ensuring smooth and quiet running.

Make Yourself Comfortable

Thecorrect sitting positionis extremely important as it allows you to exercise effectively on your spin bike. In order to achieve it, you need the correct frame. This model allows you toadjust the vertical and horizontal position of both the seat and the handlesto your height.

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