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Chest and Shoulder Dual:  Designed to allow the user multiple pressing angles with no adjustments needed Dual Weight Stacks:  Allows isolateral pressing with independent arms Chest:  Work your Upper, Mid, and Lower Chest from upper pull points Shoulder:  Work your Front, Side, and Back Shoulders from the lower pull points Swivel Pull Points:  Smooth rotating swivel pulleys at all pull points using a commercial grade bearing, creating limitless angles for all users One Adjustment - Seat height. Saves time and keeps it simple for users. Bold Usage Placards - Easy for Club members to understand usage Weight Stacks - 2 x 165 lbs (165 lbs) Commercial grade center drilled weight stacks Options Available - additional weight Max: 2 x 215 lbs (215 lbs) Cable Resistance - 0.5 weight ratio   Full Commercial Warranty:  Limited Lifetime Frame, 1 year parts, 5 year moving parts Light Commercial Warranty:  Limited Lifetime Frame, 10 year parts, 10 year moving parts  Residential Warranty:  Limited Lifetime Frame, Limited Lifetime parts, Limited Lifetime moving parts  Specifikationer: Längd: 150cmBredd: 138cmHöjd: 158cmViktmagasin: 2 x 75 kg (kan uppgraderas till 2 x 97 kg)Användningsmiljö: hem, företag & gym.