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Simple, but powerful, the XGAS Group Anchor Station is comprised of heavy wall round tubing with a textured midnight black outdoor powder coat finish. By placing a weight plates, kettlebells or anything heavy inside, the XGAS makes 10 person anchor point for battle ropes, resistance bands, Ripp trainers and more.Unique About XGASPortability – The XGAS fits securely on top of the TANK allowing you to load it up with all of your training tools and push your workout outside or anywhere you want to train. Used by itself, it’s light weight makes it easy to carry.Group Training – Up to 20 anchor points can be used.Outdoor use – the pre-treatment and paint finish make it a great indoor or outdoor training tool.Adaptable – Anything heavy can be used to keep it stationary so you aren’t limited to only using bumper plates. Slam balls, sand bags, or anything heavy works.

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